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STEAM education simplified

STEAM is educational approach of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in our teaching practices

Class Types

Find the perfect course for your kids!

10 Weeks

Develop your engineering skills by learning how to build and program robots. The perfect course to develop a passion for all things STEAM.

10 Weeks

Learn to fly and program DJI Tello EDU, drones! While learning how to build and program robots.

10 Weeks

In these courses we cater for everyone from, beginners to experts. Our online courses will take your programming to the next level!

1 Day

Have fun and learn in these School Holidays! You will learn all about robotics, drones, programming and get a chance to experience the latest VR.

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Our mission

MindCan helps Kids discover their love for STEAM, through a combination of practical teaching and self exploration, developing kids intrinsic understanding of how technology works.

We teach kids coding and programming in a fun and safe environment.

We teach kids valuable and necessary technological skills for their futures.



Who we are

MINDCAN is a Queensland-based STEAM Institute, accredited by Federal Government and Local Brisbane Council. We educate and sponsor events - where students around the world compete against each other in a STEAM competition such as drone racing, robotic racing and online art competition.
Now through STEAM education, students will be on the road to the next generation of highly skilled workers. They will learn how a computer works and new technologies that is shaping the current world. Learning coding increases students; logic thinking skills, problems solving skill, improving their mathematics and geometry skills.

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