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About the course

Let your kids unleash their creative-side where they can build, create, and make memorable experiences at our MINDCAN holiday camps!

MINDCAN offers a wide range of opportunities for your kids to explore their love of robotics, drone-work, and programming! Our camps also provide DIY Stem Kits for kids who enjoy building their own mechanical and electrical contraptions!

Why take a course?

Learn programming concepts

Programming is becoming more relevant in everyday life, and is increasingly being taught from primary school onward. Help your child build the foundational skills needed to succeed with our courses.

Develop problem solving techniques

Kick start your child’s future, with the growing importance of technology, it is vital that children develop skills to tackle modern problems.

Path to competitions

What better way to test learnt skills and build life long friendships? Our after school classes provide a direct path to WERAU and WER international competitions.

Customers reviews

What parents Say?

Mindcan is a fun and excellent STEM institute. Kids enjoyed learning. Very supportive and friendly teachers, highly recommend.
Fantastic school, Very supportive teachers, and great opportunities for kids who love coding, highly recommended.
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