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The best entry into the Abilix Kyrpton Family, consisting of 723 blocks, to create 29 different predesigned robots.Playing with the Krypton series Abilix blocks develops creativity and logical thinking, and teaches programming in 3 languages: Abilix Drag and Drop, Scratch and Flow-chart. Each robot connects to the application via the built-in Wi-Fi module. Robots can be constructed with the help of a guide available in the extremely intuitive app, avaliable on IOS and Android. In addition to the “step by step” building instructions, it also contains an example program to test your creation. Due to numerous possibilities to contstruct and programming  with the Abilix blocks, playing with them never becomes boring.
Technical specs

Components: 723 pieces
Brick Types: 57
Actuators (3 from 2 kinds) Small Motor, Speaker
Sensors (from 7 kinds): Position, Ultrasonic, Grayscale, Collision, Color

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