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The latest Robomaster from DJI, featuring a 3 axis robotic arm, and a infrared distance sensor. Additionally the EP has the ablitiy to connect to third party sensors and processing units such as the Nvidida Jetson Nano, allowing for onboard AI processing.



Cutting-Edge Equipment & Technology

Made of steel and finished with a sleek, futuristic design, the RoboMaster EP Core is fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies that provide consistent support for classroom learning.


Add Hardware, Unlock Creativity

The versatility to accommodate third-party hardware provides unlimited options for learning and unlocks students’ potential and imagination.


Increased Expandability

The versatility to accommodate third-party hardware such as building blocks and 3D printed objects provides unlimited options for learning and unlocks students’ potential and imagination.


Compatible with Third-Party Sensors

The RoboMaster EP Core is equipped with four sensor adaptors, making it convenient to connect and power third-party sensors that measure inputs such as temperature, pressure, distance, and more. Sensory data can even be used in Scratch, unlocking endless programming possibilities.


Real-World AI Implementation

Endless programming possibilities are unlocked when you use SDKs (software development kits). Open DJI SDK is available on the EP Core and supports more than 39 programmable sensor ports. This allows students to utilize streaming data from sensor modules, video, and audio to program AI applications and experience genuine AI technology.



HD video and audio streaming data and stabilized images bring higher recognition accuracy. In-depth learning projects and features such as data analysis, model training, scene recognition, and custom AI functions can be achieved with third-party platforms.


Software Programming Platform

With the dedicated RoboMaster app, multi-platform interactions and various operation methods for the EP Core are supported, along with rich educational resources and several competition modes.



The EP Core comes with more than just a robot. DJI Education offers a custom curriculum, a competition database, and a variety of events to complete the classroom teaching and learning experience.

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